Tailor-made Training and Development to Drive Transformation in your Organisation

Our training programmes are uniquely designed to amplify skillsets, enhance job performance and equip your employees to help you succeed.

Are you in search of the right Training partner to help you:

  • Design tailored training initiatives to equip your public workforce.

  • Deliver high-impact employee development programmes for public sector organisations.

  • Conduct in-depth assessment of your organisation’s unique learning needs.

  • Deploy fit-for-purpose learning experiences to cater for the specific needs of your Ministry, Department and Agency.

  • Equip your workforce with the skills, knowledge and attititude needed to enable you achieve your organisation’s mandate.

  • Create immersive simulations and institutional knowledge management solutions.

  • Provide training and support to your leadership team and equip them with the latest knowledge and techniques needed to thrive as a public sector leaders.

  • Drive sustainable growth by investing in your workforce and enabling them to effectively tackle challenges and seize opportunities effectively.

Our Training and Development services are carefully designed to equip your team with the skills needed to support you.

At Workforce Consulting, we believe strongly that the greatest asset of a nation is a highly skilled Workforce. This is why everything we do is geared towards growing the competencies and capacities of the Nigerian workforce.
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Our key Training areas include

Leadership & Management Development

Public sector capacity building

Organisational knowledge management & digitisation

Learning management system

Ready for a transformation?

Our trainings are delivered by leading industry practitioners and expert consultants in a number of formats such as customised in-country and offshoring programmes, workshops, e-learning and blended solutions.

Our Training locations

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Our training division focuses in enabling organisations in the public sector. We understand the complexities of government operations, and our programs are methodically designed to meet the unique needs and problems of Ministries, Departments, and Agencies.

Our track record

19+ yrs

19+Year-old Organisation


20+ Sector / Industries


120+ Consultants


8000+ Staff


16000+ Delegates


200+ Clients


1200+ Capacity Training Facility

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We help Senior HR professionals like you become the architects of change in Nigeria's transformative journey. Crafting Tomorrow's Leaders in Nigeria's HR Landscape

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